Friday, July 25, 2008

Dork Tower, Monday, July 25

Here's Friday's Dork Tower:

The problems with the website remain. On the plus side, it's sped up work on the new, improved website. Either the current site will be fixed, or the new design up and running, soon. Fingers crossed

Until then, please look for new cartoons on any of the following:

My LiveJournal Page

My MySpace Page

My Blogspot blog (C'mon! Who's gonna be the first person to comment over at the new Blogspot mirror site?)


Finishing up Munchkin Quest II this weekend. So, yay!I may even get a chance to continue cleaning and reorganizing the office, afterwards.


EDIT: I had no idea so many people didn't realize Dork Tower Miniatures existed. They do, and are awesome, produced by Steve Jackson Games and sculpted by legendary designer Tom Meier. They can be found at Warehouse 23, or ordered directly from your Friendly Neighborhood Games or Comics Store.

Warehouse 23 Dork Tower Minis Page


laanba said...

Me! Am I first?

And is this an exact mirror of Live Journal? That will make it easier for me to comment since Live Journal is a little clunky for me, but I don't want to miss out on any Dork Tower news.

John Kovalic said...

Yes, as best I can, this will mirror LJ...

dequesi said...

I hate LJ! It's good to have a mirror here, hehe...
Hi, John! Do you still remembver me? I used to translate Dork Tower into Spanish! Yes, the .es domain got stolen (umpf!) but the strips are still up at
Actually I miss doing it... but of course I never stopped reading it!
Great miniatures, too! It's a shame I'm useless at painting :-(
I'm living in Frankfurt now. If you are ever around in Germany, let me know and I'll take you out for beer ;-)

V. Riley said...

Doh! I'm number 4. Oh well... at least I can claim I'm in the top five. :D

I love the strip! I discovered it back in the days of Shadis, and have followed you faithfully since!

John Kovalic said...

@ v.riley:

Actually, you'd be #3, since I don't count.

Don't read or write, either...

Fiona said...

I am somebody who really buys your comic books, so I may not be the first to comment, but someone who buys your dinner. And so way more important than any of the people above. Thanks for making me understand my friends better.

coalheart said...

I was just reading comments and didn't really have any real intention of writting one.

But when your word verification code reads like HUMPZEM... man I wanted the world to know.

Stick, miniatures and next?



Adeline said...


Well, I kind of hoped everything woulkd be fixed quickly but it does seem stuck! :)
I'm sorry I disn't came more regularly but I had a few connecting problems also...

Hope everything is allright on your side of the great ocean...
PS: how is father muskrat? Is he going well after his operation? Send him my best wishes