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You know what you can do with $20?

Buy an Official Rachael Ray Garbage Bowl!

I'm not making this up! And her fans are raving about it! It's a bestseller, with 107 reviews averaging a 4.7 score out of five!

"I got two for me and one for a friend. We love them," raves one buyer.

"The R.R. garbage bowl is GREAT ! It's deep, light weight and is such a handy tool to have in the kitchen. Even tho' I have lots of other bowl that I could use.... it's so nice to have a specific one that I use just for it's purpose," runs a typical comment.

"I used to use anything I could get my hands on but now I feel so important because I have the real deal a Garbage Bowl," spouts another five-star review.

Twenty dollars! For a "Garbage Bowl."

In case you're not familiar with Rachael Ray's "30 Minute Meals" TV show, nor the bone-chilling phrases "Yum-o" nor "EVOO," let me just say that having a garbage bowl at hand when you're cooking is NOT a bad idea at all. In part because it keeps your work area clean and organized. In part because, as Alton Brown would say, the bowl is a multi-tasker: it's cheap. You can use ANY bowl in the kitchen. You know: ANY bowl. ANY BOWL, Raytards. BOWL! ANY! YOU...HAVE...BOWLS...ALL...AROUND...YOU!

Perhaps I'm just cranky this morning, but DON'T SPEND $20 FOR A BOWL TO PUT GARBAGE IN! I mean, at least just BURN the $20 and cut out the middle-man!

"Is it wrong that this appalls me?" asked the Lovely and Talented Judith, who discovered these at a local store.

"I'd be appalled if it DIDN'T appall you," I noted, trying to comfort her from yet further proof that God Is Either Dead Or Quite, Quite Unwell.

On the other hand, you've got to admit: it's sort of appropriate.

"Garbage Bowl, by Rachael Ray."

Something about those words just fit.

EDIT: Even worse? The Marble version, which looks less like a Garbage Bowl and more like a
Toilet Bowl...that's been used...recently. Ick.

"I got yer Garbage Bowl right HERE, baby. Yum-O!" says Rayray.

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