Monday, August 4, 2008

Dork Tower, Monday, August 4

Today's Dork Tower is up.

Click here, there or anywhere
to see it.

A bit of updating fun, but otherwise the new site seems to be kicking along. Sorry for the bummer of a cartoon topic, but (a) I really like that line, (b) I was pressed for time, and (c) it IS dorktower # 666 on the web site! DORK TOWER 666! Aieeeee!

I shoulda had Walden in it.


Not sure why a Google Ad ad for a "Chubby Gay Dating Service" popped up (no pun intended) on the web site this morning (in rotation with the Robot Chicken Star Wars DVD, no less). Which is not to say I've anything at all for people who are chubby, gay and date-less. I'm just not sure any dating service ads are appropriate for the web site.

I'm assuming this came up (no pun intended) because of the word "Dork" on the site. Though I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm sure both I and the advertisers will be happier with such ads going to web sites where they may actually get more click-throughs (I'm CERTAIN there's no "click-through" pun to be made, but even if there is, NONE IS INTENDED!)...


Hey, HEY! The new "Feedback page" seems to work, at last! I got the first feedback from the site that I've had in months, this morning. (The previous Feedback's page short, painful death being one of the things that spurred us on to getting the entire new site ready ASAP).

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